CSI Linux Conference 2023

Stream starts at 08:00 MST - January 2nd, 2023.

Video Series

The Cyber Secrets videos originally started publication on YouTube in 2013. Since then, the channel has changed and we have diversified platforms to also include Rumble, Vimeo, Daily Motion. There are two sub series spinoffs called “Just the Tip”, a 2-minute video set and “Quick Tip”, an animated explanation of targeted tools and tips. We have even created channels for Roku and Amazon FireTV.

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Social Media

The Cyber Secrets Social Media groups started with FaceBook and has grown fast over the last year. We also have a presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Parler.

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Cyber Secrets Publications

The Cyber Secrets publications… The first issue was officially released October 1, 2019 under the name Cyber Intelligence Report Q4, 2019. Since then, they have rebranded under Cyber Secrets on Amazon.com. There are currently 7 issues with a rotating focus on Red Teaming (hacking) and Blue Teaming (defense and investigation). Find them on Amazon here!


* Our Roku Channel has just surpassed 85k downloads! Let us know how it can improve!

* Cyber Secrets #6 Incident Response: Evidence Preservation and Collection is now availible on Amazon.com in both Kindle and Paperback editions.

* We released "Securing Docker - The Attack/Defense Way" on Amazon.

* The main Cyber Secrets video series is back! Stay tund for more videos.

* Our Roku Channel has added streaming channels including News/Opinion, Tech, Entertainment, and Music video channels to keep you informed and entertained during those long coding nights or days doing cyber work. We have also just surpassed 25k downloads!