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Cyber Intelligence Report - OSINTLatest Cyber Intelligence Report (CIR) Adobe Acrobat
?? MB
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Learn about the underground and who is on it."The Beginner's Guide to the Internet Underground" eBook 89 MB 01.31.2013
IWC's Cyber Secrets Android AppCyber Secrets Android App APK Archive 226 KB 01.19.2015
Learn about the underground and who is on it.IWC's Security focused PortableApps with extras.

Tools like Tor Browser Bundle, FTK Imager, and Networkminer are installed. There are hacking tools and android malware in this download. Check with your security policies before attempting to download and extract these files. The password is "iwc".
Rar Archive 2+ GB 01.19.2015
The Rubber Ducky Frame Job script TxT file 4 KB 01.31.2015
Forensic Data Recovery Lab Files Rar Archive 405 MB 01.31.2015
iPhone Backup Forensic Lab Files Rar Archive 40 MB 01.31.2015
Documentary about thePiratebayThe Pirate Bat - AFK Video: Youtube 1:22:08 HR 02.08.2013
Learn about the underground and who is on it.Live View install files.

License is required for VMWare server. If you do not have one, use VMWAre workstation. It is also suggested to use the newest installation of JAVA
ZIP Archive 2.4 MB 02.04.2013
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expert advice

"Trust but verify" - Ronald Reagan
or the Russian proverb "Доверяй, но проверяй"

Simple fact is that there will always be risk. If you do not “trust” those you work with, you will over spend chasing ghosts. If you trust implicitly, mal intent or human error will create damaging “events”. Give those with a need to know enough to do their job, but verify security is not sacrificed.
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