“I got a lot out of the real world scenarios presented in class. Jeremy is very knowledgeable in the field of penetration testing. Would definitely take classes again if he is the instructor...”

Virgil Sabas, SAIC

“I was blown away by the instructor’s knowledge and expertise. I came here knowing very little about pen testing and white hat hacking...and have been subjected to an amazing amount of information that was easy to understand and delivered in such a way that I could get it...”

Undisclosed, USAF

“The instructor was fantastic. His real-world knowledge beyond the book enhanced the class greatly..." "I'd also like to take the Forensics class.”


“The instructor’s real world knowledge was invaluable. He knew the course material and relayed it on way that was easy to comprehend. I would attend any class or lectured proctored by the instructor again.

Undisclosed, Navy Warfare Development Command

"Is there a way to give Jeremy a score higher than 10 for all of the ratings? To echo someone else: I'm glad he's on our side." ...

About I.W.C.

Information Warfare Center (IWC) is a Colorado company based out of Colorado Springs.
We are a small consulting firm that offers computer security training and services. Our specialties include Cyber Warfare, ethical hacking, digital forensics, mobile phone forensics, data recovery, and OSINT. We help people, companies, and governments worldwide.

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Did you know

Internet crime and cyber warfare happens EVERY day.

It is actually worse than that. Individuals, companies, and countries are constantly under attack. There is no down time or time off when it comes to defending against these unrelenting attacks. The proof is shown on the news every day and shown in our Cyber Intelligence Reports. You are responsible for defending yourself. We have the knowledge and skill to make that responsibility a little less daunting while giving you the tools and know-how to combat the villians.
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